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25 young drivers grow beyond themselves
Red Bull Rookies Cup

What is the Red Bull Rookies Cup? What makes it special?

The Red Bull Rookies Cup is considered to be the talent pool for the Motorcycle World Championship. Many of the famous riders in Moto3 and Moto2 made their first international experience during the Red Bull Rookies Cup. 
In 2017 the 25 young talents are racing the famous tracks in Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Italy and Spain. All equiped with the new supersport helmet SCHUBERTH SR2. The SR2 is the testwinner in Germanys largest motocycle magazine "Motorrad".

What are the technical requirements of this group?

All 25 rookies are riding the same motocycle: KTM RC250R. The bike weights approximately 80 kilograms and runs on one cylinder with 250 ccm engine displacement. The KTM RC250R gives them four gears and 37 kilowatts to tame.

Jan-Christian Becker, CEO of SCHUBERTH:

We are very happy and proud to supply the rookies with our brand new racing helmet and support them all the way on their path to the top.


Die Red Bull Rookies 2017

Dan Jones  (GBR)
Ryusei Yamanaka  (JPN)
Sasha De Vits  (BEL)
Gabriele Giannini  (ITA)
Filip Salač  (CZE)
Walid Soppe  (NED)
Matthias Meggle  (GER)
Lorenzo Bartalesi  (ITA)
Omar Bonoli  (ITA)
Victor Steeman  (NED)
Peetu Paavilainen  (FIN)
Xavier Artigas  (ESP)
Adrian Carrasco  (ESP)
Beatriz Neila  (ESP)
Kazuki Masaki  (JPN)
Sean Kelly  (USA)
Steward Garcia  (COL)
Kevin Orgis  (GER)
Deniz Öncü  (TUR)
Can Öncü  (TUR)
Rory Skinner  (GBR)
Ai Ogura  (JPN)
Aleix Viu  (ESP)
Loran Faber  (NED)
Meikon Kawakami  (BRA)