A Czech in the German IDM - with the SCHUBERTH SR2

Jan Halbich, IDM Racer

How did you become a professional racer? What is your story?

It’s thanks to my father. He put me on pocket bike when I was 3 years old. I rode pocket bikes, motocross, trial for fun and in 2007 I rode on a 125ccm for the first time. Till year 2010 I rode just for fun and in season 2011 I tried my first race in 600ccm.

How do you prepare yourself before a race in order to stay focussed?

First I think that is important to be in good physical condition, secondly I must be fresh, thirdly I need to shower, then warm up my body and finally sit for few minutes and calm down my mind.

Reliable Equipment is crucial.

What demands do you have on your machine and your equipment?

I think that the most important thing is have a bike in good condition and the bike must be ready for every race. Suits should be comfortable and must fit your body like a glove.

What makes a good helmet?

Good helmet is comfortable, safe, light-weight and has good aerodynamics

Why do you trust SCHUBERTH?

I trust SCHUBERT because its construction makes me feel safe and fits me 100% thanks to personal attitude. It has already saved my life a few times.

What are your personal goals for this season?

My personal goals for this season are to fight for a podium position, be faster, and get experience from faster riders. And the most importantly, complete the season without injuries.

Have you got any good advice for people who love to go fast?

Go fast but with no risk and the main thing is have fun on motorbike.


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