HIGH PERFORMANCE AT BRITISH SUPERBIKE - SR2 Filip Backlund, British Superbike Championship

How did you become a professional motorcyclists?

It all started when I was 3 years old, my mom and dad gave me a motocross bike. After competing in motocross until I was 11, I went on to road racing. When I was 14 I got contracted by Suzuki to race in the Swedish championship as well as different European championships. I'm still a professional road racer today, but since 2013 I have participated in the British Superbike Championship, BSB and in 2016 in the Kawasaki factory-supported team of Team Quattro Plant Cool Kawasaki.

How do you prepare yourself?

To be successful, in anything we do, it's about being well prepared. Today, in road racing that includes everything from physical training, mental preparation, riding technique training and so on. I have covered all the areas where I need to be 100% on point with the team that supports me. I work with a very good physical trainer and nutrition coach. I have a mental trainer, a support team in terms of doctors, physios and so on. And I also have a great team that helps me train my riding technique, both on and off track.

You never win the race when you’re standing on the grid, you win it long before that

What demands to you have on your equipment?

Road racing is a sport, where you as a rider put yourself in a position when you are on track, it’s only you, your bike and around 40 other riders out there. All of us want to win! In this area, a lot of different elements come into play for me to be able to win. I have a big team around me from engineers, mechanics, technical guys, who all need to do their jobs to the best of their ability. I have also chosen to work with some of the best safety gear suppliers on the market because I need to know that I have the best possible team around me when I'm out there. I put high demands on the companies and suppliers I'm working with, but they put the same demands on me. We are all there for the same reasons, to win races!

What makes a good helmet?

From years of experience in this field I have tried a lot of different helmet manufacturers. And what's really makes a brand standout such as SCHUBERTH is that they have really thought about the rider. What does a rider wants when he/she is out there on the roads or the race track? Why I adore SCHUBERTH and to race in their equipment is because they have thought about the aerodynamics, the helmet remains stable at speeds over 280 km/h. They have thought about air flow in the helmet during hot summers or in races over 40 minutes; these little things make the biggest differences. All the small parts that you as a rider first might not think about, but when you have tried a SCHUBERTH helmet, and they have actually focused on these things, you immediately feel the difference.

Why do you trust in SCHUBERTH?

First of all their history, SCHUBERTH's history speaks for itself, in making high performance helmets in some of today’s most dangerous work places. Their history in Formula 1, which is the highest demanding motorsport arena in the world. And their dedicated team who have made these helmets. For me it has also has to do with the team around me, I always feel special and they take the time to make the helmet as perfect as possible for me, and that exactly what they do!

What are your personal goals for this season?

For the 2016 season, I’m racing for a very good and strong team in the BSB-Championship. My goal for the season is to fight inside the top 5 area and also fight for a "showdown" place which enables me to fight for the overall championship by the end of the season.

Do you have any good advice for people who love to drive fast?

Since 2009, I, myself have organised track days/development days for bikes. The greatest thing for bikers, who normally want to go fast on the roads, is that when it comes to a riding on a track, it gives them so much more than going fast on the roads. So wherever you are in the world, I suggest you to enter one of these development days for bikers on the race track where they will teach you how to handle your bike at those kinds of speeds. You will get a kick you haven't experienced before, I promise you that. After a day on the track you will automatically go slower on the roads and visit more of these track days where you get your kick.



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