High Definition yellow
blue mirrored
iridium mirrored
dark smoke
light smoke
High Definition Orange

Visors for your E1

The visor is made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate—manufactured using the injection-moulding method. The clear visor is made to meet optical Class 1 standards. Replacement is straightforward and no tools are needed.

Anti-fog ready: Guaranteed no mist due to the double-screen principle.

Please select the size that corresponds with the helmet size.

SC10U for the E1

Your personal communication centre. Top-quality sound – almost invisible.

Communicate, make phone calls, navigate, listen to music - communication is really easy now, even on a motorbike.

REMOTE for the SC10U

Full control at your fingertips.

The controls on the innovative Bluetooth® remote are easy to use even with gloves. This means your hands are exactly where they should be when you ride: on the handlebars.

Cheek pads for E1

Neck pad for E1

Peak for E1

Dust filter

Triple pack