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A head start through technology. The SCHUBERTH R2 CARBON is the first full-face carbon helmet with an integrated communication system. Fully protected due to a carbon outer shell. Fully interconnected due to pre-installed, invisible speaker, microphone and aerial. The new SCHUBERTH R2 CARBON, the first of its kind.

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Carbon. Competitive.

The SCHUBERTH R2 CARBON (XS) comes in 2 different helmet sizes made from a modern carbon glass fibre matrix.

Available in five different designs and sizes S to XXL.

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The ShinyTex® inner lining is designed to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The fabrics are fast-drying, washable and antibacterial. The seamless head pad guarantees outstanding wearing comfort. Good air circulation through multi-channel ventilation provides additional cooling for the wearer. Of course, the inner lining is Öko-Tex 100 certified, removable and washable.

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Safety Technology

  • The emergency quick-release cheek pads can be removed in one swift movement if necessary, which will make it easy to take the helmet off.

  • Reflective surfaces on the helmet make the rider even more visible in the dark.
  • The secure double-D fastener readjusts the helmet fit afresh every time it is worn.
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Superior aerodynamic & acoustic properties

  • Developed in SCHUBERTH’s in-house wind tunnel
  • Low air resistance and extremely quiet


State-of-the-art visor technology:

  • Visor with turbulators for perfect acoustics
  • Pre-installed scratch-resistant anti-fog lens
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Fresh air!

Fresh air intakes in the forehead and chin areas ensure that the air circulation within the helmet remains comfortable at all times. The multi-channel ventilation of the  R2 makes for a cool head during every ride.

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The motorcycle helmet complies with test standard ECE R 22.05, which means it can be used throughout Europe. The R2 is available in sizes S to XXL. This is suitable for a head circumference range from 54 to 63 centimetres.

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