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The perfect partner for riding with and without a visor: The SCHUBERTH M1 PRO is the right accessory for every hip bike – whether cruiser, tourer, naked or big-wheeler. Optimized head ventilation intake, new interior design and great wearing comfort make this one of the most comfortable jet helmets on the market. And of course compatible with seamless Bluetooth communication.

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High-tech where safety is concerned:
The helmet shell

The unique manufacturing methods used for helmet shells at SCHUBERTH ensure low weight while retaining optimum stability. Direct Fiber Processing (DFP) is one of SCHUBERTH’s innovations. It involves an endless spool of glass fiber being cut into pieces by a robot and blown into a mold. A precisely defined quantity of resin is added to the preform and it is then compressed at high pressure in a heated mold to create an exceptionally high-strength helmet shell.

The multi-part construction of the inner shell allows for outstanding force absorption, thereby enhancing safety.

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Perfect ventilation

Thanks to our innovative head ventilation intake, your head is well ventilated inside the helmet even on longer trips.

Ventilation channels are already integrated in the helmet shell so that particularly high air circulation is achieved. Exceptional drive comfort thanks to outstanding ventilation.

In addition, the helmet has noticeable aerodynamics: directional stability, no uplift and no buffeting – thanks to the shape developed in the wind tunnel.

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Integrated sun visor, freely adjustable in seconds.

Best visibility, too, thanks to:

  • Optical class-1 visor – clear visibility without distortion
  • Anti-fog-ready
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The micro lock ratchet strap:
Precise and safe

Every time you put on the helmet, the ratchet lock makes it easy to fit the chinstrap.

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Microphone and loudspeaker for the SC1M and SRC M1 communication systems are preinstalled.

Optionally equipped with the new SC1M communication system, which connects up to three call participants within seconds. The best sound for navigation, music and calls – even simultaneously, thanks to the two Bluetooth® devices.

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Wide range of options for creating visibility

Five visor shades offer the right protection for all tastes. The visor can be changed without tools and with only two steps or swapped for a visor in titanium or matte black.

  • lightly tinted lightly tinted
  • clear clear
  • heavily tinted heavily tinted
  • mirror blue mirror blue
  • silver silver
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The M1 PRO is optimally prepared for riding with and without a visor.

Thanks to the new acoustics with optimized neck cushion and noise reduction around the mechanical attachments, the M1 PRO achieves approx. 85 dB(A) at 100 km/h on a naked motorcycle.

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The motorcycle helmet complies with test standard DOT FMVSS No. 218 , which means it can be used throughout USA. The helmet is available in sizes XS to 2XL. This is suitable for head circumferences from 52 to 63 centimeters.

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