Commando ­ Light / Plus

Commando Light
Commando Light Plus

When it is up to you.

In amok situations, it is important to stay focused. The Commando Light combines greatest safety with maximum comfort and is made precisely for these moments.

We cannot prevent people being attacked.

But we can equip our security forces with equipment specifically developed for these extreme situations.

And we can protect them.

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Highest level of safety

Outer shell made from high-performance composite material.

Significantly lower trauma values by comparison with military combat helmets.

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Exceptionally comfortable

Impact-absorbing NOSHA ensures a comfortable wear and good air circulation – quick adjustment for head size and height adjustment with support net for optimum fit.

For fast individual adjustment: 4-point chin strap with ratchet buckles to adjust the two neck straps and continuously variable chin pad positioning.

For best possible, natural directional hearing: the particularly large ear space of the Commando Light.

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