Blau RAL 5017

Thermoplastic ABS-copolymer-Helmet

Product overview

  • Variants antistatic dissipative according to En 60079-32-2 in zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22 electrostatically safe
  • Suitable for all explosion groups I, IIA, IIB, IIC and (gas) and III (dust)
  • High impact strength and force dissipation
  • Improved force absorption in the event of side impacts through special padding strips (closed-cell)
  • Optimised impact absorption through Impact Tube technology
  • Electrical insulation acc. to DIN EN 397
  • Light chemical cleaning
  • High wearing comfort and secure fit through ergonomically formed, height-adjustable suspension
  • Below-ground work
  • Mining
  • DIN EN 397, European standard for industrial safety helmets
  • Anti-static according to DIN EN 60079-32-2
  • Tested up to explosion groups I, IIA, IIB, IIC and (gas) and III (dust)
  • Antistatic acc. to DIN EN 60079-32-2 c

The MINER´S HELMET ANTISTATIC can be combined with the following suspensions:

I/80 B46-point pad-type plastic spider----Lieferumfang/Serie
I/80 B-R46-point pad-type plastic spider----Lieferumfang/Serie

AS = version for eye protection available, SP = special padding strips, P = padding strips, SB = sweatband
4 Suspension may not be available with all helmet sizes and helmet colours

  • Hole in helmet peak c
  • Lamp holder c
  • Cable loop c
  • Chinstrap holder c
  • Special padding strip white c

4 Suspension may not be available with all helmet sizes and helmet colours

Thermoplastic ABS-copolymer, Straight helmet shape

  • Thermoplastic material, available in pellet form, is heated into a plastic state and turned into the required helmet shell shape using an injection moulding tool.
  • Material ageing through exposure to UV radiation and other environmental influences cannot be excluded.
  • The German Accident Prevention & Insurance Associations generally recommend that helmets made of thermoplastic material (HDPE and ABS) should be used for no more than 4 years.

Items supplied/as standard: Lieferumfang/Serie

Partially as standard: Teilweise Serie

Optionally available: Optional erhältlich


The standard MINER´S HELMET ANTISTATIC is available in the following sizes.

  • Helmet size 2 (53-61)
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This picture shows a colour sample.

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1 Applies to standard suspensions I/79 G, I/79 GD, I/79-4G, I/79 GY, I/91 G

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Product datasheet

Product datasheet
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