Strategic partnership between SCHUBERTH and SENA for the communication technology of the future

In order to make communicating, telephoning, navigating and listening to music on a motorbike even simpler, SCHUBERTH is collaborating with the technology leader for Bluetooth communication systems. The first SCHUBERTH systems developed in co-operation with SENA are to be presented at the INTERMOT in Cologne.

As in many areas relating to the safety and comfort of motorbike helmets, SCHUBERTH has for years been setting the pace when it comes to integrating wireless communication systems too. The Magdeburg-based German helmet pioneer is one of the first helmet manufacturers to offer a communication system that can be fully integrated into the helmet as an option and that supplies its helmets with built-in antennas as standard. What's more, the SCHUBERTH M1 is the first and at present only helmet on the market equipped with microphones and loudspeakers as standard and to which the optional plug & play communication system can be connected in a jiffy. In order to maintain and ideally extend its technological edge, SCHUBERTH recently entered into a strategic partnership with SENA Technologies, a company that enjoys a reputation of being particularly innovative and pioneering.

"Within a very short period of time, SENA developed a communication system with us that will set new standards in the industry. We will be presenting the system to the public along with two new SCHUBERTH helmets at the INTERMOT trade show in Cologne in early October", says Jan-Christian Becker, CEO of the SCHUBERTH Group. Tae Kim, CEO of SENA, is also thrilled about the collaboration: "SCHUBERTH and SENA are similar in many respects. Both are innovative, rank among the technology leaders and place great importance on customer satisfaction. Together, we'll inject fresh impetus into the field of in-helmet communication."