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Schuberth starts product offensive in Occupational Safety

New product family – CrossLine – celebrates its premiere Autumn 2015 +++ Four quick-change-artists for different disciplines +++ wide range of accessories for more flexibility planned +++ Innovative Front/ Backshield-concept.

Magdeburg/ Germany. The modern working world is getting more complicated and requires higher flexibility in every sense. Standard solutions hardly have any future, you have to be able to convince in several disciplines at the same time. Thus, all-rounders are required. What does this mean for head protection? Modular design solutions are increasing in importance. With the coming product line CrossLine the German premium manufacturer Schuberth is going on the offensive with four model variants right from the start and will offer an extensive accessory range for these. In autumn the new helmets will celebrate their premiere.

With the development of the CrossLine product family the helmet specialists from Magdeburg followed a completely new approach: for the helmet shell of the four variants there is a uniform design concept. The helmets themselves are then adapted to the respective labour safety requirements and norms. In other words: from the uniformly designed base shell always arise exactly those variants which are demanded by industrial workers, electricians, industrial climbers and also lumberjacks and forestry workers. The modular design options allow this variability.

Quick-change-artist with distinctive design

The new CrossLine-helmets with their distinctive design consist of thermoplastic material and are manufactured and machined according to their application area. For the model CrossGuard – target group are the workers in industrial production – this means, for example, that according to EN 397 only ventilation slits are provided. Both helmets, the CrossForester with its characteristic crown vent for wood professionals or the CrossClimber for climbers which conforms with EN 12492, have standardised, generous ventilation slits which provide sufficient circulation. For all variants the helmet shell is designed such that it has the required form stability, offers a high level of resistance to shocks and blows and thus guarantees the perfect, complete head protection.

What Schuberth understands by adaptability with this new development, also shows with the so-called backshield-variant without shield of the CrossLine. With this helmet the front can be the back and vice versa – just as is required. Meticulous weight balancing makes this possible. At the same time, such a high wear comfort is achieved by the perfect weight distribution in combination with a high value inner strap system design that the helmet rests on the head safely and comfortably even after wearing it for several hours. A changeable multiple-use sweatband also adds significantly to the high wear comfort.

The MFA-Tech-multi-function adapter, fitted outside and contrasting in colour, is a genuine innovation for all four helmet variants. This allows the easy and quick attachment of visor, ear protection or lamp together or independent of each other. The highest degree of stability as well as flexibility in use even under quickly changing working conditions is achieved thanks to the custom-fit coordination of the function parts. This is an additional safety factor. For the neck-guard there is also a corresponding fixture. Inside the shell there is mounting for the chinstrap. Depending on the requirements the helmet can be ordered with or without shield.

Over 75 years of know-how in the field of work protective helmets as well as special knowledge from the development of motor-sport helmets, in which, for example, many formula 1 drivers have trusted for many years, have flown into the CrossLine-concept.