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SCHUBERTH appointed exclusive partner of global market leader in protective eyewear Wiley X in Germany

Two top brands are bundling their expertise: German helmet manufacturer SCHUBERTH has concluded a far-reaching collaboration agreement with Wiley X, a global market leader for ballistic rated protective eyewear. The two companies have signed a strategic collaboration agreement for the development and marketing of combined head and eye protection solutions. Effective immediately, SCHUBERTH is appointed the exclusive representative for the project to eyewear manufactured by the US-based company in its dealings with the German governmental market.

Wiley X is a global leader in the protective eyewear market and supplies both military and security authorities with high-quality, ballistic rated eye protection solutions. For SCHUBERTH‘s CEO Jan-Christian Becker, the collaboration will result in substantial customer benefits and enormous potential for both partners: “It makes logical sense to combine ballistic head protection with ballistic eye protection: the products of both our companies complement each other perfectly. We will now be able to meet our customers‘ requests for all-inclusive concepts from a single source with optimally matched units,“ he said.

For the development of combined helmet and eye protection systems, SCHUBERTH will have around 70 different types of Wiley X eyewear available. This will enable SCHUBERTH to fulfil the specific needs of governmental clients precisely and to supply products that are tailor-made to meet the demands of the respective purpose. A key factor is that all the various types of eyewear available can already be combined with the military and police helmets currently manufactured by SCHUBERTH.

For SCHUBERTH, the strategic partnership with Wiley X represents a significant added benefit, since it means that the renowned German has concluded yet another collaboration agreement with a premium manufacturer.