Pure and versatile, new and highly desirable – SCHUBERTH have reinvented the classic full-face helmet with the R2

Motorcyclists have clamoured for it, SCHUBERTH is delivering it: a full-face helmet for the biking majority. At the INTERMOT in Cologne, the new R2 celebrates its world premiere with modern design, an innovative communication system and convincing detailed solutions.

The motorbike market is experiencing a ‘back to universals’ trend. Many bikers now go for naked bikes, roadsters and sport tourers, which are purist as well as versatile, affordable and contemporary. And those are precisely the attributes of the new SCHUBERTH R2: a classic full-face helmet in a modern design with unbeatable characteristics. A helmet that is stylish in appearance, complements any bike and any riding style and is so light and comfortable that you hardly notice you are wearing it while out and about on your bike. Another thing that you won’t feel, but that is good to know: the R2 is enabled for Bluetooth communication and radio reception as standard. It comes with an integrated aerial, two speakers, a microphone and slots to take the new optional communication system SC1 that was developed in collaboration with SENA – literally “plug and play”.

Kiska designed the look and decorative styles of the SCHUBERTH R2. But the new full-face helmet does not only look cool, it was also developed in the SCHUBERTH Air and Acoustics Lab. This predestines it even for the power bikes among the naked bikes, where perfect aerodynamics play an even more important role than for the other machines. Another important feature, particularly for sports riders, is the R2’s standard large anti-fog screen. Even when the rider adopts a sports riding position, its upper edge lies outside the large field of vision.

Despite its low weight and compact shape, the SCHUBERTH R2 offers maximum impact absorption. The double-D fastener and the cheek pads that can be removed from the outside in the event of an emergency round the safety equipment off. The R2 will be available from spring 2017 in sizes XS (53) to XXL (63) – in the classic solid colours of black, white and anthracite at 419.00 euros and with one of the attractive decorative styles NEMESIS, ENFORCER and RENEGADE at 499.00 euros.