Thomas Schulz

Thomas Schulz


Originally, I started as Head of Finance and Controlling in July 2016.

They observed me in the role six months and then I was told that they would like to entrust me with this area of responsibility. SCHUBERTH was not your first career step.


What is so special about working here? Before I started working here, I dealt with SCHUBERTH a lot.

I also knew that they have good corporate development and that brand values such as responsibility, passion and performance are an essential element of the corporate strategy. But I find it absolutely remarkable that there is ultimately so much enthusiasm in the company. This direct connection with the company, this pride in working for SCHUBERTH and being able to participate in the corporate development of this premium brand, being part of this team - I couldn’t have imagined it beforehand and that inspired me.

BEFORE SCHUBERTH I thought: It is impossible to have more variety or more interesting topics.


But now I know better. Are you a biker too then?


I’m a quad biker in my spare time, and I head out into the countryside for an hour or two every weekend to enjoy a bit of freedom.

With or without a helmet?


With a helmet but not a SCHUBERTH.

Unfortunately, SCHUBERTH does not offer helmets for this category. Not yet... EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE PLUS PASSION.


If you are in close contact with your own staff, customers and external partners every day, you need experience, communication skills, team spirit and the highest degree of identification with the company.

You have to do your job with a passion for precision and quality. Whether you are working in production or management. Silvio studied Business Management with a focus on Strategic Management at the private commercial college in Leipzig.

Today, he holds the key position strategically when it comes to optimising processes, standardising systems and adapting structures for the international market. His area of responsibility encompasses all financial matters, purchasing and IT.

With his team, he controls across-the-board projects, creates corporate structures and implements reporting systems to measure business success and to make more informed decisions. So that we are able not only to maintain the quality standards that we set for our products but to consistently improve them. SUCCESS HAND IN HAND.


We are a team.

We are convinced that the best ideas are only created and implemented together. Here in Magdeburg, a team of approximately 400 employees develops and manufactures helmets for 55 countries. Here in Magdeburg, a team of approximately 400 employees develops and manufactures helmets for 55 countries. Silvio Hesse plays an important part in that. 0


At SCHUBERTH we have more than 400 experts working on developing, designing and building the best helmets in the world.
We would like to introduce you to some of those experts.