Sabrina Bounadoura

Sabrina Bounadoura


I have been the personnel manager, or as we say nowadays,

‘Head of Human Resources’, since October 2016. Before that, I was self-employed as a personnel consultant for a long time. But I have worked for SCHUBERTH in the past - I spent almost one and a half years as a production manager. I AM A BIKER MYSELF.

IF YOU ARE STANDING ON A PASS IN SOUTH TYROL AND PEOPLE HAVE A SCHUBERTH HELMET IN THEIR HAND, IT MAKES YOU PROUD. From a personnel consultant to production manager to Head of Human Resources? <//strong>



I had the task as personnel consultant to find a production manager, or ‘segment manager for component production’, as it was described then. At that point I’d known about SCHUBERTH for eight years and to find someone for such an unusual manufacturing company was extremely hard. At the time I told the works manager that it was a role I really fancied for myself. I then had one night to think about it, and ended up as the production manager here. Several years later, when I was self-employed as a personnel consultant again, I met up with the manager. We talked a little bit about human resources - what companies have to face and how I saw it from working in production. Then, my boss let the cat out of the bag and said: There is an opportunity for you to start in Human Resources here. I drank my coffee and answered: “OK, I’ll do it.” What is special about working at SCHUBERTH?


The company has three values:

Responsibility, passion and performance. In my opinion, SCHUBERTH thrives because the people here embody those values. Even our manager is so approachable that anyone can go up to the boss, talk to him in the corridor and ask: ‘Can I come up, I’d like to discuss something.’ SPECIAL FEATURE:


Good connection with the employees. The success of a company depends on its employees - if they feel included and involved, a good company becomes something really special.

That is why it is our aim to create a working environment that allows everyone to contribute and develop their strengths. Peter got to know the company from different perspectives, from the inside and outside.

Ever since he started in his position at SCHUBERTH in 2013, he was quickly able to express and implement his ideas. It was on his initiative that we installed the programme “Employees recruit employees”, which has already been used to fill several key positions in production within the first six months of implementation. He is collaborating with the works council on projects to develop and promote trainee groups.

The focus is on committed young employees, who undergo targeted training, attend relevant courses and seminars and observe in different areas of the company. The aim in doing this is to cultivate future managers from among our own ranks. Peter and his team from Human Resources are in an important position here.

They listen to him and involve him, and he seizes this opportunity to help shape the company - on a daily basis. TOP PERFORMANCE WITH AN EXCELLENT TEAM


Working at SCHUBERTH means teamwork.

Only together can we develop the best ideas and translate them into reality. Here in Magdeburg, a team of approximately 400 employees develops and manufactures helmets for 55 countries. Here in Magdeburg, a team of approximately 400 employees develops and manufactures helmets for 55 countries. Peter Schultze is an absolutely crucial member of our team. 0

At SCHUBERTH we have more than 400 experts working on developing, designing and building the best helmets in the world.
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