Janine Boczek

Janine Boczek

Sales with passion.

What do you do as "Head of Back Office Sales" then exactly?

Back Office Sales was renamed Sales Administration during my maternity leave. There are probably 1000 labels, but I am the team leader of Motorcycle Back Office Sales.

I had already heard of SCHUBERTH before, but only from Michael Schumacher. I was a very, very big fan. From the first race.

Everyone knows what sales reps do. But what does the back office do?

The back office employees input the orders onto the system and check delivery dates and availability. We schedule the orders, then we track the orders; we make sure the order has been delivered or is scheduled to be delivered. We also stand in for the service centre when there’s a lot of work there. Sometimes customers call with a problem like: "I can’t get my neck pad out of my helmet". So we go to our helmet shelf – our sales department is basically surrounded by helmets – and then we do it together with the customer on the phone. And they love that you can help them like that.

What are you good at?

Numbers. I am really well organised. I understand how to analyse numbers and recognise correlations very quickly.

What was it that made you want to work for SCHUBERTH?

For me the biggest attraction was that the company had only just entered the international market, there would be expansion rather than restructuring and this would mean very good development opportunities for me. It was clear from the start: even though I started as an administration clerk, I could quickly take responsibility for entire countries. And that was very exciting for me, with my background in International Management Studies. And also the team I joined here was very young. My colleagues are young, witty and discerning, and I like that very much.



Each and every day all over the world, people may not quite put their lives in our hands but they do entrust us with their safety. This is why it is our duty to work towards better solutions with commitment, determination and resolution, and not to give up until they have been realised. It is not about a product – it’s about protecting people.

Since 2011, Janine Boczek has been applying her knowledge, talent and persistence at SCHUBERTH, and in 2016 she became Team Leader of a team which will soon have 6 members. She works directly and in close consultation with her colleagues, external partners and, as team leader of Back Office Sales, especially with the customers. And there are over 500 worldwide - from small motorbike dealers to importers.

She leads the team in all respects. She has responsibility for HR as well as for the company’s Key Accounts, our largest customers who have a decisive stake in our business. And she supports her team in day-to-day business when necessary.

She studied International Management in Magdeburg and came to us directly after graduating, although her original intention was to leave Magdeburg and move to a bigger city. We are glad we were able to convince her to stay.


The passion of our employees, the high expectations of our customers and our attention to detail inspire us every day to do the best we can. Here in Magdeburg, a team of approximately 400 employees develops and manufactures helmets for 55 countries. Engineers and designers are constantly working on making our helmets safer, more comfortable and more functional - during the development phase, in our on-site wind tunnel, on the climate test rig or in the acoustic laboratory. Janine Boczek and her team play an absolutely crucial role in this.


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