Head protection Made in Germany.

SCHUBERTH represents this for more than 70 years. We have already been producing protective helmets of different varieties since the 1940s. From 1954 onwards, motor cyclists were able to wear a helmet of the SCHUBERTH brand. This was the beginning of a success story which continues today. Countless motor bike helmets were produced and sold since the foundation of the company. And countless satisfied customers swear by their “SCHUBERTH”.

Today, SCHUBERTH develops and produces in Magdeburg on the Elbe.
The portfolio: helmets for worker protection, police, fire brigade, Formula 1 sports and motor cycling. Renowned Formula 1 pilots rely on SCHUBERTH helmets as much as numerous life savers and protectors from professional areas.
We are proud of that.

The portfolio protection at work, police, fire services, Formula 1, military and motor bike helmets. 

Excellent performance with an excellent team

More than 370 people are employed in the Magdeburg factory. Our engineers constantly come up with new solutions and research in our in-house wind tunnel. The helmets are tested on the climate rig or in the acoustics laboratory, and are perfected so that your helmet is perfect in every detail.

Every motor bike helmet is produced with manual labour - from the first down to the last step.

Regional with international focus

SCHUBERTH helmets today are exported to 55 different countries. Since 2010, North America is delivered by its own subsidiary company in the US. Aside from the US there are subsidiaries in Italy and Thailand.  We continue to conquer new markets and expand the international presence. In the future, we would like to further increase our market share and are aligning the company accordingly.

Experience with strong partners

Strong brand ambassadors such as Nico Hülkenberg or Felipe Massa and high quality standards paired with a strong product “Made in Germany” are our key to further success. The passion of our employees, the high demands of our customers and our love for details inspire us afresh every day to give our best for you - our customer!


nearly 100 years of company history

  • 1922 Formation as a joinery by Fritz Schuberth, director of  the National Jürgens Brewery
  • 1922 Production of beer crates in Brunswick
  • 1929 Entry into the helmet business: patenting of an inner lining for a military helmet thanks to the know-how in leather processing
  • 1952 First industrial safety helmet (mining)
  • 1952 New developed inner lining for steel helmets for Bundesgrenzschutz (border protection forces) and state police forces
  • 1954 First motorcycle helmet „Aero“
  • 1954 First fire fighting helmet (US model)
  • 1954 Utility models for shock-absorbing inner shell (used in all helmet types up until now)
  • 1956 Provision of SCHUBERTH M1 military helmets to the German armed forces
  • 1968 First police helmet on basis of a thermoplastic M1 helmet shell
  • 1976 First full face motorcycle helmet
  • 1979 Patent application for a flip-up visor for single-handed operation
  • 1986 New ventilation system for motorcycle helmets thanks to an advanceable visor bracket (no penetration of insects)
  • 1986 First helmet manufacturer with wind tunnel for the construction of motorcycle helmets
  • 1992 First helmet (826) made of aramid material for the Federal Armed Forces
  • 1998 Presentation of the first SCHUBERTH flip-up motorcycle helmet CONCEPT at the INTERMOT
  • 1998 First helmet with DOT and ECE approval
  • 2000 Entry into the Formula 1 with Nick Heidfeld
  • 2001 First World Championship in Formula 1 with Michael Schumacher
  • 2004 – 2008 Relocation from Brunswick to Magdeburg
  • 2010 Formation of the distribution company SCHUBERTH NORTH AMERICA
  • 2013 New main shareholder for long-term investments: Perusa Funds
  • 2014 New CEO: Jan-Christan Becker
  • 2014 Introduction of the self-developed revolutionary helmet shell technology (Direct Fibre Processing)
  • 2014 Innovation with Avon & Ceotronics: police protection system (HMK 150)
  • 2014 Purchase of the Italian fabric and carbon specialist Teca25
  • 2015 Entry into the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup as exclusive helmet partner
  • 2015 Development of a carbon helmet in cooperation with the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team
  • 2015 Joint development and distribution of police and military helmets with 3M
  • 2015 Formation of the distribution company SCHUBERTH ITALIA SRL
  • 2016 Entry into the Moto2 with  Marcel Schrötter and Jesko Raffin
  • 2016 Cooperation with the F1 teams Haas and Sahara Force India
  • 2016 Honored with the Great Award for small and medium sized enterprises from the Oskar Patzelt foundation
  • 2016 World premiere of the invisible communication system SC1 developed with SENA
  • 2017 For the 12 th  time in a row „Best Brand“ in the category „helmets“ of the magazine MOTORRAD
  • 2017 Formation of the distribution company SCHUBERTH FRANCE SAS
  • 2017 Introduction of the SF1 PRO as the lightest helmet of the world in car racing
  • 2018 R2 helmet & SC1 communication system are awarded test winners from the magazine Motorrad
  • 2018 The construction of in-house ballistic lab is completed and the first tests are completed
  • 2018 Cooperation with KTM
  • 2018 In cooperation with Zurich city police, an add-on to the P100N is developed to protect users’ eyes against compact laser beams
  • 2018 New CFO: Dr. Karen Bayramyan
  • 2019 Commissioning of the new paint shop on Glindenberger Weg
  • 2019 MOTORRAD magazine's "Best Brand" in the "Helmet" category for the 14th time in a row
  • 2019 Market launch of the C4 PRO CARBON as the first flip-up helmet with a carbon outer shell and integrated communication system
  • 2020 New CEO: Dr. Christoph Klotzbach