Weiß RAL 9016

Duroplastic UP-GF, glass fibre reinforced unsaturated polyester-Helmet

Product overview

  • Particularly lightweight due to further developed glass fibre polyester material
  • Dimensionally stable at high temperatures
  • High penetration resistance and impact strength
  • Insensitive to chemicals
  • High ageing stability (long service life)
  • High wearing comfort and secure fit through ergonomically formed, height-adjustable suspension
  • Hot industries
  • Chemical industry
  • Jobs with high UV exposure
  • Jobs with high and very varied protection requirements

DIN EN 397, European standard for industrial safety helmets

  • +150, Heat-relevant safety characteristics (Teilweise Serie)
  • MM, Heat-relevant safety characteristics (Lieferumfang/Serie)

The BOP S PRO can be combined with the following suspensions:

I/79 GD6-point webbingx-xxLieferumfang/Serie
I/79 GD-R6-point webbingx-xxLieferumfang/Serie
I/79 GW4,56-point webbing--xxLieferumfang/Serie
I/79 GW-R6-point webbing--xxLieferumfang/Serie

AS = version for eye protection available, SP = special padding strips, P = padding strips, SB = sweatband
4 Suspension may not be available with all helmet sizes and helmet colours
5 For jobs with high heat exposure (in relation to the surrounding atmosphere) 

  • Steckschlitz 16 mm (Optional erhältlich)
  • Integrierter Augenschutz (AS)6 (Optional erhältlich)
  • Regelbare Seitenbelüftung (Optional erhältlich)
  • Loch im Helmschirm (Optional erhältlich)
  • Schweißband Natur-Leder (SB) (Lieferumfang/Serie)
  • Lampenhalter (Optional erhältlich)
  • Kabelschlaufe (Optional erhältlich)
  • Kinnriemenhalterung (Lieferumfang/Serie)
  • Umlaufende Reflexfolie (Optional erhältlich)

6 Nur für Größe 2

Duroplastic UP-GF, glass fibre reinforced unsaturated polyester, Straight helmet shape

  • Duroplastic material. A glass fibre reinforced unsaturated polyester compound hardened into a helmet crown under heat and pressure.
  • Very good ageing stability and resistance to UV radiation.
  • Excellent dimensional stability under hot conditions.
  • The German Accident Prevention & Insurance Associations generally recommend that helmets made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (UP-GF) should not be used for more than 10 years.

Items supplied/as standard: Lieferumfang/Serie

Partially as standard: Teilweise Serie

Optionally available: Optional erhältlich


The standard BOP S PRO is available in the following sizes.

  • Helmet size (53-61)
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This picture shows a colour sample.

Do you want a special paint or to brand you helmets with your company logo? We will be pleased to offer you customized helmets: just ask us about it!

1 Applies to standard suspensions I/79 G, I/79 GD, I/79-4G, I/79 GY, I/91 G

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Product datasheet

Product datasheet
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