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The helmet must not only protect the wearer but must also give him the security to be able to concentrate 100 %.

The F300 by SCHUBERTH offers him the largest possible freedom of movement with its innovative helmet shape, e.g. for working overhead. And with its individually adjustable inner lining, he can simply adjust the helmet to his individual head size and shape using the twist lock.

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  • Innovative new helmet shape (for comfortable freedom of movement e.g. for working overhead)
  • Individually adjustable lining (with twist lock adjustable for every head size and shape). Optimal helmet weight (adjusted for maximum all-round protection) 
  • Easy and quick exchange of spare parts (no tools required) Multi-Function-Adapter (MFA) for easy and quick adaptation of different accessories
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Schuberth Logo

Product advantages

Application area The next generation of high-performance fire brigade and rescue helmets for instance for fire fighting in buildings and other constructions, technical support and rescue work.

EN 443:2008

Additional requirement

  • Solas approval 
  • Contact with liquid chemicals
  • Electrical insulation capacity E2/E3
  • Use at low temperatures down to -40 °C

Inner lining

  • Head width adjustment using the twist lock
  • Individually adjustable chin-neck strap
    (with hook and loop band, clamp and handling aid in the front area)
  • wearing height adjustable with hook and loop band
    (enables high wear comfort through optimal weight distribution on the head and individual precise fit of different head shapes)

Closure system

  • 3-point chin-neck strap, from Nomex® strap with quick release, individually adjustable in height and width


  • Holland cloth HTH3
  • Holland cloth HTH3-X
  • Torch connection
  • Visor VF3 Rescue
  • Visor VF3 HighTemp 
  • Lamp SH-UK 2AA eLED ET black
  • Lamp SH-UK 3AA CPO TS black
  • Mask connection set
  • Visor interwoven mesh VF3 wire
  • Neck protector NPH3 Nomex
  • Neck cushion
  • Ear protector adapter set
  • Front shade sticker for F300

Spare parts:

  • Spare carry net in size M and L
  • Spare head carry ring in size M and L
  • Spare chin-neck strap in size M and L
  • Spare sweat band (pack of 10) in size M and L
  • Spare turn lock

Outer shell
Further developed high temperature-resistant thermosetting plastic (HighTemp-Fibre) Helmet shape: type A (half shell)

Inner shell
PU-inner shell, high temperature-resistant

Helmet weight (without fitted accessories)
M: approx. 900 g
L: approx. 1000 g

adjustable within the helmet shell sizes
M: 48-58 cm
L: 59-65 cm

Helmet colours:
Standard: strongly luminescent with reflex sticker
Special colours:
red (RAL 3002)
black (RAL 9005)
white (RAL 9010)
further RAL colours on request

F300: Downloads

F300: Downloads
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