Matched to perfection for any operation

The helmet-mask combination with the police helmet P100N.

The HKM 150 is a certified operational tool with perfectly matching components. It conforms to all essential national and international safety guidelines.



Helmet-mask combination HMK 150

Crowd control entails challenging requirements. The helmet-mask combination HMK150 from SCHUBERTH offers appropriate enhanced protection to ensure occupational safety. It combines three top products in one complete system:

  • the tactical full-face mask HM50 from AVON Protection,
  • the SCHUBERTH police helmet P100N 
  • the CT-Neckband Headset 331 from CeoTronics.
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The tried and tested helmet for police operations. It is fireproof and has optimum impact-absorbing properties, thus ensuring the wearer's safety. The optimised chin strap fastener makes for a comfortable wear.

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Protective mask HM50

The basic model of the HM50 protective mask used to be reserved exclusively to special forces. It has now been optimised specifically for the helmet-mask combination HMK150. Now, all operational forces can benefit from  the unique visor technology, optimum air regulation and outstanding user comfort.

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