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Visors (without tear off) for your SR2

The SV3 visor in 2D design is made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate—manufactured using the injection-moulding method. The clear visor is made to meet optical Class 1 standards. Replacement is straightforward and no tools are needed. Anti-fog ready: Guaranteed no mist due to the double-screen principle.

Universal size - suitable for all SR2 sizes
Not suitable for tear off

Anti-fog lens for your SR2

The anti-fog lens ensures the visor is always mist free.
Simply apply to the inside of the visor.

Tear-off set for your SR2

You receive a set of 5 tear-off films.


Traction Orange
Traction White
Wildcard Green
Wildcard Red
Wildcard Yellow
Matt Black
Glossy White

Never give up. It's all about performance.

Highest concentration is necessary in supersports. No matter whether on the racetrack or on the road. The new SR2 by Schuberth offers its driver everything required to be more concentrated, more relaxed and therefore safer on the road. An improved spoiler ensures that the head stays calm in the wind. The new visor out of Formula 1 development creates clarity in every situation. No matter what type of road is in front of you.