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Visors (without tear off) for your SR2

The SV3 visor in 2D design is made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate—manufactured using the injection-moulding method. The clear visor is made to meet optical Class 1 standards. Replacement is straightforward and no tools are needed. Anti-fog ready: Guaranteed no mist due to the double-screen principle.

Universal size - suitable for all SR2 sizes
Not suitable for tear off

Anti-fog lens for SR2

The anti-fog lens ensures the visor is always mist free.
Simply apply to the inside of the visor.

Tear-off set for SR2

You receive a set of 5 tear-off films.

Headpad for SR2

Cheek pads for SR2

Earpad Set for SR2

Wind deflector for SR2

Breath deflector for SR2