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For your M1 & M1 PRO

The visor is made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate—manufactured using the injection-moulding method. The clear visor is made to meet optical Class 1 standards. Replacement is straightforward and no tools are needed.

Anti-fog ready: Guaranteed no mist due to the double-screen principle.

Visor fits every size of the M1.



Luxury helmet lining in coffee

Five ergonomic pads are built for maximum comfort. Exclusive fabrics follow the contours of your face. Breathable, antibacterial and Ökotex certified. And if you wish, you can take the lining out and wash it.

The M1 is supplied with a grey lining as standard. If you would prefer your M1 to sport the elegant coffee colourway, you can order the lining in this shade here.

Includes: headband, two cheek pads and two neck pads.

Please state the corresponding size of your M1!


Use the communication system in a matter of seconds with the technology built into your M1 PRO. Simply attach the SC1M to the back of your helmet and enjoy navigation, music, phone calls or bike-to-bike conversations with up to three riders.

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