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Enjoy a new modern design with a compact shape and the comfort of a flip-up helmet combined with a sleeker look.

The C4 impresses both at high speeds and during long touring rides.

The C4 is the best flip-up helmet of 2017!

"(...) during trials, the one from Magdeburg performed brilliantly: top marks in four out of six categories, twice just one point below.”

MOTORRAD motorcycling magazine tested a total of twelve current flip-up helmets and the C4 achieved 88 points out of a possible 100. In particular, the editors have judged "(...) provides a brilliant fit, comfortable lining, perfect ventilation, very low noise level, visors with an enormous field of vision, opulent instrumentation. (...)" are very convincing.

Verdict: “Very good”.

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Schuberth Logo

Modular helmet newly defined:
compact design
modern style

  • For optimum Bluetooth® and radio reception. Integrated antenna, pre-installed speakers and microphone.
  • Plug & play Designed for the new communication system SC1
  • Extra-large anti-fog lens Wide field of vision even when the rider adopts a racing posture
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Schuberth Logo

The SCHUBERTH C4 redefines the flip-up
helmet and represents the new bench-
mark for touring and sports riders with the
highest demands.

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Schuberth Logo


The motorcycle helmet is in accordance with the testing standard ECE R 22.05 and can therefore be used throughout Europe.
The C4 is available in sizes from XS to 3XL (DOT: XS to 2XL). This conforms to head circumferences from 52 to 65 centimeters (DOT: 52 to 63 centimeters).

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High-tech where safety is concerned:

The unique method for manufacturing shells used by SCHUBERTH makes for low weight combined with optimum stability. Direct Fiber Processing (DFP) is an innovation developed by SCHUBERTH.

It involves an endless glass fibre being cut into pieces by a robot and being blown into a mould. This preform is baked under high pressure in a heatable mould with the addition of a precisely defined quantity of resin to produce an exceptionally solid shell.

The multi-part construction of the inner lining allows for outstanding force absorption, thereby enhancing safety.

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The ShinyTex® inner lining is designed to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The fabrics are fast-drying, washable and antibacterial. The seamless head pad guarantees outstanding wearing comfort. Good air circulation through multi-channel ventilation provides additional cooling for the wearer. Of course, the inner lining is Öko-Tex 100 certified, removable and washable.

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Schuberth Logo

The ventilation provides even more air for breathing:

A complex multi-channel ventilation system on the inside of the shell ensures a comfortable air flow rate. Air intakes in the forehead and chin areas ensure that you will keep a cool head.

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And out into the light:
sun visor

A sun visor is built into the C4 straight away. The sun visor can be extended or retracted with one move of the hand using a slider on the helmet edge. Now you can react lightning fast to sudden sun glare.

  • Dark smoke Dark smoke
  • Clear Clear
  • Silver Silver
  • Yellow Yellow
  • Blue mirrored Blue mirrored
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Always a clear view!


We optimize the anti-fog lens of the C4 to guarantee our customers an unforgettable experience when riding.

The C4 is now equipped as standard with an anti-fog lens from PINLOCK.

We can meet our own quality standards and ensure the satisfaction of our customers only by constant tests of our products.


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Communicating, talking on the phone, using the GPS, listening to music – communication now also becomes very simple on the motorcycle. Extremely easy installation and invisible technology: the communication unit is slotted into the edge of the helmet and is completely hidden. Microphone and speakers are preinstalled in the helmet.

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