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Schuberth is investing in expanding its expertise

Schuberth announces strategic expansion

On 17 July, the German helmet manufacturer Schuberth, supported by its partners Perusa Partners and SIG, has purchased Teca 25, a specialist company for helmet linings, and integrated it into the Schuberth Holding group. As a result, Schuberth has incorporated expertise in developing and manufacturing high-quality textile inner linings directly into its company. The company, based in the northern Italian town of Schio, has been supplying Schuberth with inner linings for motorcycle and police helmets since 2009. With this takeover, Schuberth also expands its competence in processing carbon fiber materials. To date, Teca 25 has developed special carbon solutions for top-of-the-range automobiles and sports cars. So it will be possible to produce lightweight helmets made of carbon at Teca 25 in future. The Teca founder, Alberto Dall’Oglio, will also continue to run his company as its managing director. Furthermore, Mr. Dall’Oglio will take over management of the independent company, Schuberth Sports & International GmbH, in order to develop the autosport unit.

The inner linings for a Schuberth helmet is composed of up to 100 parts and several dozen different textile and fabric materials. Up to 8 different head sizes and different facial physiognomies for women and men also have to be taken into account. As a result, the inner linings play a significant role in ensuring that the helmet sits securely, as well as enhancing the comfort. As a result, Schuberth has always ascribed great significance to the development process and quality of its inner linings. Schuberth has relied on its development partner and supplier, Teca 25, since 2009.

Jan-Christian Becker, CEO of the Schuberth Holding, is delighted with the expansion: "Teca 25, its employees and, last but not least, the company founder Alberto Dall’Oglio, have enjoyed our fullest confidence for many years now. We are delighted that we have now created a direct and exclusive link between their know-how and our Development department." In addition to the fiber glass helmet shell and the protective EPS inner shell, the inner linings are the third significant feature of premium helmets that determine safety and quality.

Alberto Dall’Oglio, the founder of Teca and its managing director, will continue to manage the company's business under the same name even following integration into the Schuberth Holding. In parallel, Mr. Dall’Oglio will also take over responsibility for managing the autosport unit of Schuberth's business (Schuberth Sports & International GmbH), thereby fulfilling the longstanding wish of a keen motorsport aficionado: "I am passionate about design and motorsport. Being able to combine both passions under the Schuberth umbrella is like a childhood dream come true. I can hardly wait for the opportunity to implement the host of ideas that I have collected in both areas on behalf of such a highly reputable company as Schuberth."

Since 2000, Schuberth has been developing and producing high-performance carbon helmets for Formula One as worn in the current season by top drivers such as Nico Rosberg, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa. Under the leadership of Mr. Dall’Oglio, the intention is for the product variety of existing Formula One helmets to be expanded further over the coming years. However, development plans will also be worked on for helmets to be used in general motorsport such as rallying and carting.

Mr. Dall’Oglio and Teca 25 are also excellently positioned for this: Dall’Oglio has acquired extensive experience in processing carbon fiber materials as a supplier of carbon parts for top-category cars and sport applications. In future, the available technology will also be able to be used for pressing Schuberth carbon helmets.

The financial investment company Perusa Partners took over a majority share of the traditional German company Schuberth as recently as September 2013, and has announced plans to expand in the key growth markets of Europe, North America and Asia. In addition to taking over Teca 25, further investments amounting to about 3 million euro are in the pipeline for the current business year 2014, predominantly aimed at developing new products, acquiring new and more modern production machinery as well as hiring specialist personnel. Further investments are also planned for the coming years.