SCHUBERTH - full speed into the future

Media Kick-Off at Jerez: SCHUBERTH Launches a New Era. “Full Speed Into the Future” is SCHUBERTH’s vision for new race tracks and company goals.

A new, exciting era has begun for helmet maker SCHUBERTH. As part of it’s new expansion strategy, the internationally acclaimed manufacturer from Magdeburg, Germany, aims to get involved in international motorcycle racing after it’s tenure in the National Championship Series. As the exclusive supplier of the tenth annual Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, the premium helmet maker is now part of the MotoGP world championship series.

SCHUBERTH’s newly designed SR2 Supersport helmet will safeguard the 24 rookie riders fighting for their ascent to the world championship on their way to every finish line so they can fully focus on racing. This is in line with SCHUBERTH’s motto, SCHUBERTH frees the racer’s mind!

The opening race at Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, marks the first stage of their future cooperation with Red Bull’s talent foundry, the MotoGP Rookies Cup.

“The SR2 was designed with the world’s best riders in mind. We want to provide the top 24 junior riders with a perfect, safe basis for their way to the top. Free the racer’s mind and they can focus on speed,” said SCHUBERTH’s CEO, Jan-Christian Becker, at the media kick-off event held at Red Bull’s Energy Station.

As a premium manufacturer, SCHUBERTH sells around 200,000 motorcycle helmets each year, which makes this category it’s primary source of turnover. Another 600,000 helmets a year are sold for industrial safety, with even more helmets produced for firefighting, police, and military purposes. SCHUBERTH expects 2016 to yield total sales of 75 million Euros.
In Formula 1 SCHUBERTH has been supplying helmets for well-known drivers such as Nico Rosberg, Felipe Massa, Nico Hulkenberg, and Sergio Perez who choose to rely on the German manufacturer’s helmet technology. In addition, SCHUBERTH partners with various racing classes including the British Superbike, IDM and Moto2 series.

“It has been a logical step to enhance our involvement in motorcycle racing. After a successful brand relaunch in 2015 we are now approaching young talent with a new, fresh face and a stronger presence in international bike racing,“ said Karine Seyfert, SCHUBERTH marketing director for motorcycles and racing.

The company’s latest quality product is a particularly lightweight SR2 helmet, which offers low levels of noise and ensures zero lift or helmet oscillation while ensuring directional stability even at maximum speeds. Before the helmet was first used at the race track, it underwent complex quality and noise testing in the company’s own wind tunnel.
Each of the 24 quality helmets prepared for the Red Bull rookies was carefully made-to-measure with attention to detail, and painted with the riders’ individual designs.

“It feels great to go out on the track with an extremely lightweight pro helmet like this. Every ounce taken away in weight means saving valuable lap time,” says rider, Rufino Florido.

“A safe helmet with a perfect fit might be even more important than a good motorcycle. I have absolute confidence in the SR2,” adds rider, Matthias Meggle. “It keeps my mind focused on the race.”