SCHUBERTH concludes successful financial year 2015 with long- term financing

Long-term financing from BlueBay Asset Management

SCHUBERTH was able to expand its market position in 2015 with its premium product portfolio and the launch of new products. Based on the successful restructuring in 2013/2014 and implementation of growth initiatives, the Company achieved a strong increase in sales and profitability in 2015. This was underlined  by  a  long-term company financing  which  was provided  by  BlueBay  Asset Management’s Private  Debt  Business  as  financing  partner  in  December  2015.  The  six-year  financing  package  will support  SCHUBERTH  on  its  growth  path  and  provides  the  basis  for  new  investments  at  the Magdeburg facility. SCHUBERTH was advised during the financing process by DC Advisory, one of the leading corporate finance houses for medium-sized companies in Germany. 

Dr  Hanno  Schmidt-Gothan,  partner  at  Perusa  GmbH,  emphasized  that  “the  measures  implemented after the acquisition by the Perusa Partners Fund have resulted in two successful years”. In addition to the financial performance of the Company, this is also reflected in staff numbers. SCHUBERTH was able  to  substantially  increase  the  number  of  its  employees  both  at  the  Magdeburg  facility  and internationally from 290 in 2013 to roughly 400 in 2015. 

The growth strategy will be continued in 2016. “In 2016, substantial investments in the development of new products and production technology at the Magdeburg facility will set a record of more than EUR 6 million,”  said  Jan-Christian  Becker,  CEO  of  the  SCHUBERTH  Group.  These  measures  and,  in particular, the collaborations with partners like 3M, Touratech, Avon, and Ceotronics will further drive revenues.  Particularly  noteworthy  is  the  newly  established  collaboration  with  the  U.S.  partner  3M, whose new, unique technologies allow to utilize substantially improved materials for the production of police and military helmets.