SCHUBERTH "Best Brand" amongst helmet manufacturers eleven years in a row

The readers of MOTORRAD magazine have once again voted SCHUBERTH by far the best helmet brand in 2016

To win a poll eleven times in succession, and to do so with over 60 percent of the vote is something the political parties in Germany can only dream of. Helmet manufacturer SCHUBERTH, on the other hand, can congratulate itself on achieving just such a dream result – namely in the MOTORRAD magazine "Best Brand" readers' poll. Each year for the past eleven years, the readers of Europe's biggest motorcycle magazine have been asked to vote for their favourite accessories brand in a number of different categories. And SCHUBERTH is the only manufacturer in the helmet category they've ever voted "Best Brand". No fewer than 52,172 MOTORRAD readers took part in this year's poll.

Can someone that always wins get any better? Yes, SCHUBERTH can! No less than 62.4 percent of those that took part cast their vote for the Magdeburg-based helmet manufacturer this year – this is a 1.8 percent increase over the previous year. An impressive result, of which Jan-Christian Becker, CEO of the SCHUBERTH Group, can be rightly proud: "It's a tremendous vote of confidence to be considered so highly by the readers eleven times in a row. A more convincing endorsement of SCHUBERTH is hardly possible. I'm already looking forward to next year – we're more than happy to accept the challenge of making it a full dozen."

"SCHUBERTH helmets often receive "recommended" or "best buy" ratings in the specialist magazines", continues Karine Seyfert, Head of Marketing at the SCHUBERTH Group. "The reader's poll awards enjoy a very special status amongst these accolades, however. After all, they are direct expression of the consumers' high esteem for the brand." SCHUBERTH has ranked among the world's leading motorbike helmet manufacturers for decades and repeatedly sets new benchmarks for aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, driving experience and safety.