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New for 2016: Schuberth SR2 – outstanding on the racetrack, perfect on the road

With optimal aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, as well as top functionality

and maximum safety, the new Schuberth SR2 supersport helmet is the ideal equipment both in daily use and on the racetrack.


In its development, the new Schuberth SR2 has benefited from the vast amount of experience gathered in the wind tunnel and on the race track by the only company to produce helmets in Germany. Five years of experience with the supersport helmet SR1 in racing and on the road, and three decades of extensive wind tunnel research have given Schuberth an invaluable wealth of data, experience and insight that has now been incorporated into the development of the Schuberth SR2. In countless tests in the Schuberth Air & Acoustics Lab in Magdeburg, the new SR2 has been optimised for maximum race track performance. The helmet’s ideal shape with a relatively wide front and narrower rear not only serves to minimise aerodynamic drag (and with it, the strain on the neck musculature) but has also been aerodynamically stabilised with the help of two side spoilers and the further developed D-Force 2 spoiler on the rear side of the helmet. This way, the SR2 lies smoothly in the wind in a directionally stable manner without lift or any tendency to weave. Besides, like all other Schuberth helmets, the new SR2 is among the quietest helmets on the market, thanks to intensive wind tunnel research. A wind deflector included with delivery not only serves to prevent undesired draft but also to reduce wind noise still further. The SR2 has two newly developed adjustable head vents as well as a separate chin and visor ventilation for a well-defined distribution of inflowing air onto the visor and toward the rider’s mouth, ensuring an adequate oxygen supply. By way of a complex air duct system, the skeletal helmet trim ensures the head is kept cool while the inflowing air exits smoothly through the rear vents. Specially developed for the SR2, this system achieves a fresh air supply of up to eleven litres per second. The new Schuberth SR2 is offered in six sizes from 53 (XS) to 63 (XXL). In addition, three differently sized outer shells are used depending on the head size in order to achieve a perfect fit. The helmet shell is made of a special glass fibre reinforced, thermoset-molded polymer matrix. This means the SR2 weighs in at only 1,295 grams (size M), making it one of the lightest helmets in its class. The inner shell is made from EPS in different degrees of hardness in order to ensure the best possible fit, top comfort and optimum impact absorption. The SR2 has a double-D-Ring closure well proven in racing to ensure simple and precise chin strap adjustment. The newly designed trim cushions of the SR2 are distinguished by an ergonomical design and outstanding shape, supporting a tight fit of the helmet, and they are lined with cool, skin friendly Coolmax® that wicks moisture away. The complete trim of the SR2 is removable, washable, and dries off quickly. With its anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and odour eliminating coating, it ensures a pleasant and comfortable wearing experience. Reflective pads set into the rear neck cushions mean the helmet is easily spotted, especially in the dark. The Schuberth SR2 will be presented to the public for the first time on the international motorcycle trade fair EICMA opening in Milan, Italy from November 19 to 22, 2015. It will become available as of spring 2016 at recommended retail prices starting from 669 Euro in single colour. In addition, it will be offered in seven different attractive decors. The Schuberth racing helmets with which the riders of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup will be equipped in the upcoming racing season are based on the new supersport helmet SR2.