Sabrina Bounadoura

Sabrina Bounadoura


You have a slight French accent, don’t you?

Correct, yes. I came here straight from Strasbourg.


When I arrived, I only knew two expressions: ‘Hello’ and ‘thank you’. With that and a smile you can manage well.


From Strasbourg to Magdeburg?

I studied in Strasbourg and I always wanted to gain international experience. Furthermore, I was fascinated by the German language. I learned English but never German. After I finished my studies in 2016, I moved to Germany, to Hannover, and there I started to learn German.

Then I read this advertisement online about SCHUBERTH looking for staff for the French market. So I applied. I then got a confirmation at short notice and then I started working here.


What exactly do you do at SCHUBERTH?

I work in back office sales as a Sales Administrator. I deal with the French market. As an employee in back office sales, I work closely with my colleagues in the sales team. They visit the customers in France and I am here in Magdeburg in a customer service role. The customers send their orders to me and I enter them into the system.


Was SCHUBERTH your only application?

No, I had applied for jobs elsewhere, too. But I chose SCHUBERTH very quickly. I like this industry and I’m interested in anything to do with sports. And the French-speaking’s perfect.


You are interested in sports, what do you do?

I like swimming, that’s my favourite sport - in the pool but also in the sea. Jumping into the water is the best feeling. It is very calm under the water and it feels like you are in a different world.



Courage and curiosity are two important qualities for an internationally successful company. It requires an unconditional willingness to change, to develop and to try new things. Every day, we must question established working methods and find new solutions and ways forward.

Sabrina Bounadoura has this courage and curiosity. From day one, it was her aim to learn new things, to develop as a person, and to find new challenges. She and her colleagues make the perfect team, in which not only the professional expertise but also the atmosphere is right.

French by birth, she studied Marketing and Sales in Strasbourg and has worked for SCHUBERTH since 2016. She has been a vital part of the Sales Team for France right from the start. She has played an active part in building up the French market, and has translated documents and processes into French. Today, she is in daily contact with the sales team as well as the customers, and is able to come up with effective solutions quickly.



Working at SCHUBERTH means team work. Only together can we develop the best ideas and translate them into reality. Here in Magdeburg, a team of approximately 400 employees develops and manufactures helmets for 55 countries. Engineers and designers are constantly working on making our helmets safer, more comfortable and more functional - during the development phase, in our on-site wind tunnel, on the climate test rig or in the acoustic laboratory. Sabrina Bounadoura is an absolutely crucial member of our team.

At SCHUBERTH we have more than 400 experts working on developing, designing and building the best helmets in the world.
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