Jan-Christian Becker (CEO)

Jan-Christian Becker (CEO)


How did you end up at SCHUBERTH?

I worked in the Perusa network, which is the investment fund that took over SCHUBERTH, and then came here right from day 1. Actually I thought I would go somewhere else after 3 to 6 months.

In a long-term cooperation, the team is essential. The best CEO is the one who eventually makes himself superfluous because the team is doing such a perfect job.

What does SCHUBERTH have that convinced a temporary manager to turn full-time?

I've never seen a company that had so many opportunities. There are so many perspectives and possibilities. And they are great products. Even though I am not a motorcyclist yet, they are products that you can fully identify with. Both in sports and professionally.
Helmets save lives, protect people, that's just a great purpose. Also the staff here are fun.

How would you describe your job, what do you do?

Look ahead. I try to look ahead. To see where we need to be in five years. To figure out from that where we need to be in three years. And to figure out from that we should actually be doing now. That's a big part of the job. Also, to set up a team that’s good to work with and who have the same attitude and ideas.

Business management is a team sport.

In order to lead a company to the top and keep it there, a top team is needed. And someone who builds it up.

Jan-Christian Becker studied industrial engineering in Germany and Denmark and has been in a management role at different companies in various industries. But some things were the same in all these positions: nothing would work without passion for the product, the company and the employees - nor without a strong team. Because as a manager, you do not always have to have all the ideas yourself. You have to listen and make the right decisions based on the ideas of the employees, with the employees.

With investments in state-of-the-art development and production technologies, a personnel policy that makes SCHUBERTH attractive to external workers and which consistently offers existing employees opportunities for further development, and with an innovative product range, SCHUBERTH is once again on a clear path of growth.


SCHUBERTH has been a strong brand in Germany for several decades, and we are working on achieving this on a global scale as well. Here in Magdeburg, a team of approximately 400 employees develops and manufactures helmets for 55 countries. Engineers and designers are constantly working on making our helmets safer, more comfortable and more functional - during the development phase, in our on-site wind tunnel, on the climate test rig or in the acoustic laboratory. Jan-Christian Becker and his team are responsible for making the decisions that determine this course.


At SCHUBERTH we have more than 400 experts working on developing, designing and building the best helmets in the world.
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