Our philosophy:

A passionate helmet manu­facturer

A passionate helmet manu­facturer


We have been producing top-of-the-range helmets for more than 70 years. Our most important goal is to provide our customers with the best possible helmet: For the next big ride. The next job. The next mission. We want you to be able to concentrate fully on what you are doing. And keep a clear head for what lies ahead of you.

We are helmet experts

We concentrate on this, because this is the only way we can specialize in so many applications - and remain so in the future. With the appropriate accessories and equipment, it goes without saying. Today, we are active in six areas: Motorcycle, motor sport, protection at work, fire department, police and the military. 

Helmets are what we excel in, and what we are passionate about

Down to the most intricate detail 

Designers are constantly working to make our helmets safer, more comfortable and functional - with new materials, functions and production processes. The necessary testing accuracy is assured by our Development department with climate test rig, wind tunnel, acoustic laboratory and shock absorption test center. Every detail has got to be right before a helmet can become a SCHUBERTH helmet. 

Continuous innovation and further development are what drive us

Expertise is the fruit of experience

You don't become a helmet specialist overnight. The first SCHUBERTH helmets came off the assembly line in the 1950s, and countless helmets have been produced and delivered ever since. Today, a team of more than 400 employees in Magdeburg develops and produces helmets for 55 countries. 

  • Motorcycle helmets for any road conditions - from the race track to the highway
  • Ultra-light motor racing helmets for 4-wheel motor sport - Proven in Formula 1
  • Tailor-made Work protection helmets for any industry
  • Fire-fighters' helmets with perfect function and outstanding wearing comfort
  • Special solutions for ballistic and impact protection helmets for the police
  • Innovative head protection systems for the armed forces

We are researching for you:

Each motorcycle helmet has been subjected to numerous and diverse tests in the wind tunnel and on the climate test rig.
To make sure you can ride safely.

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Helmet history

Helmet history

We are writing the history of helmets. From the legendary golf ball helmet to the current bestseller

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