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Up to 3 motorcyclists can communicate simultaneously with the SRC-System. Under ideal conditions the range is up to 300 metres.

  • Range of up to 300 metres depending on the terrain and visual contact
  • Automatic re-establishment of a connection when it is cut off
  • Automatic connection set-up by speaking
  • Automatic connection shut-down after 30 seconds silence, two-channel system for communication

Phone + GPS

The connection between a mobile phone with Bluetooth capability and SRC-System™ is extremely simple to set up. Incoming calls can be accepted with a voice command and using the keys of the SRC-System™. This also applies for navigation devices with Bluetooth capability. After the SRC-System™ has been connected to the GPS device, the rider can receive the voice instructions conveniently over the two ear-phones.

  • Simple control possible by means of voice commands (VOX)


Most commonly available MP3 players can be connected to the SRC-System™ via the multifunctional USB interface. If the MP3 device supports Bluetooth A2DP technology, no cable is required.

  • Easy to connect thanks to USB
  • Simple control using the SRC-System's™ control keys

VHF radio

The integrated VHF radio now enables you to listen to your favourite station and important traffic announcements while you are travelling. Thanks to the RDS function the strongest signal for the selected frequency is always picked up, even at high speeds. You can store up to six radio stations.

  • RDS function for automatic station adjustment
  • User-defined programming possible with SRC-System™ software
  • Traffic news can be received while travelling

Software update

Always keep up to date. The latest version of the SRC-System™ is always available to you as a download. If you register your SRC-System™, you will be informed by email as soon as a software update is available.

Download V3.0
SRC-System™-Software V3.0* (EXE, 7,3MB)
*Microsoft® Windows® platform required.


C3 Basic/C2/Concept

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Fully integrated communication system for the Schuberth C3 Basic, C2 and Concept helmets

The new SRC-System™ is a communication system which is integrated into the acoustic collar. You can install it in your helmet in just a few minutes according to the plug & play principle.

The main functions at a glance:

  • Intercom between rider and pillion passenger
  • Bike-to-bike intercom (up to 300m)
  • Intercom conference mode for 3 bikers
  • Mobile phone, MP3, GPS connection
  • Integrated VHF radio with RDS

Plug & play

Plug & play

Discover the versatility of the SRC-System™.

Register SRC-System™

Register SRC-System™

Keep up to speed with the current software update.

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Any questions?

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