Mobility Program

Mobility Program

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Mobility Program




You have made an excellent choice to participate in the Schuberth Mobility Program. The Schuberth Mobility Program enables you to receive a new Schubert helmet after an accident at just 1/3 of the normal price (recommended retail price). So you will not have to pass up on the familiar quality product that meets the highest requirements for safety and performance in road traffic.

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Program information

Your helmet is covered by the Schuberth Mobility Program if you have an accident within 3 years of purchasing it. If your helmet is damaged you will receive the quickest possible replacement from a dealer you trust. Please note the following so you can take advantage of the Schuberth Mobility Program if you have an accident.

  1. Register your helmet in the Schuberth customer area for the Mobility Program.
  2. In the case of damage, report your accident to the police. This is extremely important as the police accident report is essential for later reimbursement.
  3. Register in the customer area and print your helmet registration using the link for "Making a warranty claim"
  4. Then contact a domestic dealer that you know with the police report, your identification documents or passport, the print-out of the registration form, a copy the receipt for your Schuberth helmet and the damaged helmet.
  5. After checking that all the documents are correct your dealer will give you a new helmet from the same product class at 1/3 of the normal price (recommended retail price). You can then also register it for the Schuberth Mobility Program.


All Schuberth customers who have purchased a new Schuberth helmet (models: M1, C3 PRO, C3 PRO Women, S2, S2 Louis Special, S2 Sport, SR1, C3 Basic, C3, C3 Louis Special, C3 Lady, S1 Pro, SR1, R1 and J1) as the first owner from an authorised Schuberth dealer and registered it can take part in the Program. To register, it is essential that you have a residence in the country in which the helmet is purchased.

Participating countries:
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, France and Spain since 2009.
Germany, Austria and Switzerland for helmets purchased since 01/01/2010.
Italy (since 01/03/2010), Hungary (since 01/03/2010), Portugal (since 01/04/2010), Greece (since 01/04/2010), Great Britain (since 01/10/2011), Poland (since 01/01/2012), Croatia (since 01/04/2012), Turkey (since 01/07/2012), Slovenia (since 01/10/2012), Slovakia (since 01/07/2013), Gibraltar (since 01/10/2013), Andorra (since 01/10/2013) Ireland (since 01/11/2013), Czech Republic (from 01/04/2014) and Peru (from 01/09/2015).

Participation is possible only if you register before an accident occurs. It is also possible to register a second or third Schuberth helmet. To do so use the online registration form.


If the helmet model, colour or decoration is no longer part of the Schuberth range, your dealer may fall back on a comparable Schuberth model.