Fire fighter helmets:

All-round protection for full commitment.

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For the Fire Service, the working day does not end with clocking off. Fire Service means highest concentration, 24/7.
High performance fire helmets by Schuberth support with the best possible equipment fire fighters in any situation.

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Schuberth helmets are individually produced for every order and are largely produced by hand. This is the only way that we can warrant the highest quality for each individual helmet - and with it the individual safety for every single fire fighter.

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The new innovative helmet shape warrants great freedom of movement, the optimal helmet weight warrants high wear comfort. You’re perfectly equipped for any kind of deployment with the F300.

to the F300
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Perfect functionality and highest wear comfort:
DIN EN 443:2008

SCHUBERTH helmets are specially developed for duty conditions such as trained in the fire container. They conform to the improved standards and increased testing criteria of DIN EN 443:2008. Furthermore, the most modern materials and innovative technical solutions are part of the highest wear comfort. Highest protection can only be a result when functionality and wear comfort are combined.

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