Our masterpiece

Our masterpiece

The super racing helmet SR1 - developed with record world champion Michael Schumacher.

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We are a little proud – and we do not want to deny it.

Operating instructions


Operating instructions

To ensure that you do not overlook any aspect which is relevant to your safety, we recommend that you read the operating instructions carefully. They contain a great deal of information regarding the correct fit of your helmet, safety and care, right through to the accessories and our other services.

Metropolitan M1 manual

PDF, 3.6 MB

Metropolitan M1 Quick Start Guide

PDF, 0.8 MB

C3 Pro manual

PDF, 3.8 MB

C3 Basic manual

PDF, 3.8 MB

C3 Limited (Polo-Edition) manual

PDF, 1,2 MB

C3 / C3 Lady manual

PDF, 4.1 MB

S2 Sport/S2 manual

PDF, 4.2 MB

S2 Sport annex

PDF, 0.6 MB

SR1 manual

PDF, 3.7 MB

S1 Pro manual

PDF, 2.6 MB

J1 manual

PDF, 1.2 MB

Pinlock® manual

PDF, 2.4 MB

SRC-SYSTEM™ Quick Start Guide (Metropolitan M1)

PDF, 0.2 MB

SRC-SYSTEM™ manual (Metropolitan M1)

PDF, 4.4 MB

SRC-SYSTEM™ manual (S2 Sport/S2)

PDF, 12.8 MB

SRC-SYSTEM™ PRO manual (C3 Pro / C3 Pro Women)

PDF, 8.6 MB

SRC-SYSTEM™ PRO Quick Start Guide (C3 Pro / C3 Pro Women)

PDF, 0.2 MB

SRC-SYSTEM™ manual (C2/C3/C3 Basic/Concept)

PDF, 11.4 MB

SRC-SYSTEM™ manual - Swedish (C2/C3/C3 Basic/Concept)

PDF, 1.6 MB

SRC-SYSTEM™ manual - Polish (C2/C3/C3 Basic/Concept)

PDF, 1.9 MB

SRC-SYSTEM™ Getting started

PDF, 196 Kb