Mobility Program

Mobility Program

Quick helmet replacement at a favourable price when an accident occurs



The fully integrated communication system for the Schuberth C3 Basic, C2 and Concept helmets

Featured riders

Featured riders

The only full-face helmet with a flip-up function - used around the world.


Featured Riders


Theo M. Schlaghecken (D)

Corporate Consultant / Coach


Rider information


Theo M. Schlaghecken


Kleve am Niederrhein, NRW

Year of birth



Corporate Consultant / Coach


BMW F 650 GS Dakar, BMW K 1200 S

Favourite racetrack

All pass roads in the Dolomites

Most demanding stage

Off-road with a 300 kg loaded F650 through the Hajar Mountains in Oman

Has worn a Schuberth helmet since




Rider information

What made you take up your hobby of motorcycle riding?

I passed my driving test at the age of 18. At 20 I'd fallen hopelessly in love with the design of the Suzuki VX 800. By the time I was 21 I'd saved enough and made my dream come true. Riding a motorcycle has remained my passion to this day, a passion which I have to thank for the greatest adventure of my life to date: travelling round the globe on a motorcycle.

When did you develop your passion for discovering the world on a motorcycle?

Up to 2007 I hadn't been any farther than Italy on my motorcycle. Then I came across a report by Joachim von Loeben in a motorcycle magazine. He wrote about his journey from Cologne to Cape Town. The photos from such different worlds outside Europe, the differentness of the experiences and the curiosity concerning things foreign somehow seized my imagination as I was reading. I sent a mail to Joachim, we got to know each other and then decided to set off together on a tour right round the world.

What in your opinion was the most emotional or the tensest moment during one of your many expeditions?

That isn't an easy question to answer. There were too many really unbelievable moments on the journey. The incredible heat, 50 degrees Celsius, during the ride through the Saudi Arabian desert, the plunge into the traffic chaos on the roads of India and Pakistan, an accident in Nepal which turned out not to be serious, the flight from bandits in El Salvador, the thousands of meetings with people of all cultures and nations … all that moved me very greatly, did something to me, changed me and today gives me a new feeling for the world and the people in it (

How long did it take to prepare for this tour you made which took over two years? Where can people who are interested obtain information?

I met motorcyclists who had spent three years preparing their journey round the world down to the last detail on each day of the trip, everything planned with utmost precision. But I believe that the less you plan a journey the more valuable it becomes, and the more you can simply let it happen. That doesn't mean setting off unprepared or being careless. Good preparation for a journey lasting several months takes two or three months. Just submitting visa applications, buying equipment, giving up or renting your apartment...that takes time.

A lot of valuable information on how to do this is provided on the international world traveller website and at

What in your opinion are the features which make a good helmet on your often very long journeys in different climate zones?

The helmet must function reliably, especially a flip-up helmet. If a chin guard no longer shuts or the visor no longer closes properly when you're in Pakistan, Nepal, Nicaragua etc., you can be certain that you won't find any replacement parts. Not infrequently it can take weeks before a new helmet from Germany arrives by mail in these countries. I would never cut corners with a helmet and always ensure good quality and a comfortable fit. After all, I spent several hours each day wearing it... :-)

Which Schuberth model did you take on your most recent trip?

On my longest journey through 51 countries which covered 100,000 kilometres I wore a silver C2 helmet. Today I wear a C3 which incorporates an SRC-System so that I can talk to my girlfriend behind me or listen to the radio for entertainment.