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Mobility Program

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Featured riders

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Jürgen Grieschat (D)



Rider information

What made you take up your hobby of motorcycle riding?

The wish for independence and my irrepressible urge for freedom were the driving forces from the outset. Various jobs after school meant that when I was only 16 I was able to take my driving test and buy my first used moped. My hobby became a vocation, and it's been my profession for many years.

When did you develop your passion for discovering the world on a motorcycle?

When I was 14 I already wanted to know what was behind the next hill. First on my bike, and as soon as it was possible on my moped and motorcycle. And nothing's changed to this day. It was always my curiosity which drew me to faraway places. But although by nature I'm one to flee the nest, I always enjoy coming back home.

What in your opinion was the most emotional or the tensest moment during one of your many expeditions?

There've been so many. But it was important for me and my later career that after a long journey through Russia I arrived in Japan on my BMW, that I had succeeded in being the first person to cross Siberia on a BMW.

How long does it take as a rule to prepare for a tour lasting several weeks of the type you've completed? Where can people who are interested obtain information?

That depends on the destination. If I'm travelling to a region or country for the first time, the preparations can take weeks or event months. For some destinations the preparation is very slow, and they are reluctant to reveal the gems they conceal. Despite all the good preparation I allow myself to make spontaneous changes – on guided journeys, too. Because true to Paulo Coelho: "Only to a person who has the courage to see the way will the way be disclosed."

Anyone who is interested can find information in the info box on my website at
I regularly obtain information on my preferred destination Russia at

What in your opinion are the features which make a good helmet on your often very long journeys in different climate zones?

What is primarily important is the safety it offers me, combined with good ventilation, because it's also essential to keep a cool head when you're travelling.

Which Schuberth model did you take on your most recent trip?

The C3 with the globe design, which corresponds to my life motto, which I particularly love, and the C3 Pro as its excellent further development. As I wear glasses a flip-up helmet is indispensable for me. Communication is also absolutely essential. Talking to people on the street and asking them for directions with a closed helmet isn't well received. Because of its large field of vision I also like to wear the J1.


Driver information


Jürgen Grieschat



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BMW R100 GS PD, F 800 GS, R 1200 GS

Favourite racetrack

Everything that can be found in Eastern Europe really, and also various routes in the Pyrenees.

Most demanding stage

Some routes in Eastern Siberia and in Tuva, not far from the Mongolian border.

Has worn a Schuberth helmet since