Mobility Program

Mobility Program

Quick helmet replacement at a favourable price when an accident occurs

SRC-System™ PRO

SRC-System™ PRO

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Featured riders

Featured riders

The only full-face helmet with a flip-up function - used around the world.

C3 Pro

Featured Riders


Joachim von Loeben (D)

Head of Sales


Rider information

What made you take up your hobby of motorcycle riding?

A friend got me interested in riding motorcycles. So I bought myself a Honda Africa Twin. Later this motorcycle carried me through Africa.

When did you develop your passion for discovering the world on a motorcycle?

My first major journey was in 2004 and took me through Africa. There I had the wish to make a trip round the world one day. On 1/5/2007 my wish came true!

What in your opinion was the most emotional or the tensest moment during one of your many expeditions?

My most emotional moment was when I got to know my wife in Goa.

It was tense when I abandoned my motorcycle in Northern Kenya and walked back towards the police station with just a few mouthfuls of water. Finally I was rescued in the night by a jeep from the nearby missionary station.

How long did it take to prepare for this tour you made which took over two years? Where can people who are interested obtain information?

I needed 3-6 months before the planned departure date. But I dreamed about it before that...

Information is available at

What in your opinion are the features which make a good helmet on your often very long journeys in different climate zones?

A flip-down visor helps in extremely sunny regions. The ventilation shafts on the C2/C3 enable you to keep cool even in hot countries.

Which Schuberth model did you take on your most recent trip?

I took the C2 and C3 along on my most recent journeys. They're simply super! The C3 has eliminated many of the weaknesses of the C2.