Our masterpiece

Our masterpiece

The super racing helmet SR1 - developed with record world champion Michael Schumacher.

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We are a little proud – and we do not want to deny it.

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We constantly work with passion and commitment to make our helmets even safer, quieter, lighter and more comfortable. Our reward? Your trust.

Best Brand


Schuberth chosen as best brand for the eighth time in a row

Schuberth has won the coveted "Best Brand" award for the eighth time in a row. This prize is awarded each year by Germany's biggest motorcycle magazine MOTORRAD as part of the readers' choice competition "Motorcycle Of The Year". Precisely 30,245 readers participated in the readers' choice this year. Schuberth received a total of 61.9 per cent of the votes, five per cent more than in the previous year.

C3 Pro


Alpentourer edition 6/2013

"One of the best flip-up helmets on the market."


Tourenfahrer edition June 2013

"The Schuberth C3 Pro is the only helmet to also pass the test of a forced blow on the chin. It also stands out on account of its top-quality interior and excellent workmanship."


Motorrad News edition 6/2013

"The German cap is excellently designed and weighing in at under 1.5 k is lighter than most of its competitors. The C3 Pro also achieved very good results in the impact test, for which it is awarded a deserved NEWS Tip.“


MOTORRAD edition 18/2013

"What sounds like easy model care would be regarded by most of the other providers as a complete redesign. And not totally without justification, because a whole range of innovations have been added to the helmet's inner shell, ventilation, aerodynamics and acoustics. And these are not just theoretical, but can also be experienced in practice."




"There´s nothing to fault about. This is one area where it´s worth paying for perfection."


MOTORRAD edition 21/2012

"Do sports riders have to suffer? No, says Schuberth, and with the S2 launches a totally comfortable sport helmet with extensive accessories (sun visor!)."



PS – Das Sport-Motorrad Magazin 03/2012

"With the SR1 Schuberth has launched a new top-class model…"

Ventilation: "In this category the Schuberth-helmet was in a class of its own and was the only helmet to be awarded maximum points. Its upper ventilation openings permit a large amount of air to enter the helmet, and the air throughput at the chin is also excellent."

"Schuberth is the only manufacturer to offer a retention system for the chinstrap which prevents the helmet from being pulled from the head."

"Overall the best helmet and the best in test."

PS – Das Sport-Motorrad Magazin 2013-03-18 (Edition 4/2013)

"The Schuberth SR1 comes closest to the sports rider's ideal"



"Everything about this helmet feels solid and well made and it provides the rider with a feeling of solid security. It's expensive, no two ways about it, but the price is not out of line with other high-end helmets from Shoei or Arai, yet I think it offers much more than the Shoei X-12 (review) or the Arai Corsair V (review), which suddenly seem a generation or two old in comparison. Back to the drawing boards, Shoei and Arai!"




For a number of years definitively one of the best flip-up helmets on the market.



"…it actually outscored all its competitors with a total of 117 points, winning the comparison overall and earning our coveted Recommended rating!"



"Powersports Business selected 50 products and services that are must-see items at this year’s trade shows."



"The long-awaited new German-made flip-front helmet is back in the USA, and better than ever with an integral communications system, The Schuberth C3 wins OTL’s Product of the Year Award for 2010! What a sweet helmet."



"It could hardly be more efficient in practice. The C3 is awarded the maximum number of points in several categories."



"Its aerodynamics, acoustics and weight are unrivalled in the flip-up helmet sector."



"It's light, passed the impact test with flying colours, in particular on the chin, and can also win points for its good aerodynamics. The "C3" is also light and highly recommended for spectacle wearers."