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The helmet


Helmet shell material

  • Consisting of up to 19 layers of carbon fibre (which is also used in constructing rockets and aeroplanes) and carbon aramid hybrid fibre
  • Compressed and hardened in an autoclave


  • 10 litres of fresh air per second at 100 km/h
  • 10 air inlets (6x head; 2x chin; 2x visor)
  • 6 air outlets


  • High-performance aerodynamics through research in the company's own wind tunnel
  • No uplift thanks to optimisation of the internal and external design


Visor/visor lock

  • Visor material: Polycarbonate, approx. 3 mm, bullet-proof in accordance with the FIA Guideline
  • Anti-fog function by means of double-lens system
  • Available in various tints and mirroring types
  • 2-stage one-way lock
  • Centrally positioned fastener element for symmetrical, even closure

Inner lining/chinstrap

  • Inner lining made of flame-resistant Nomex®
  • Exchangeable cheek pads for optimum wear comfort  (can be individually adjusted)
  • Race-proven double-D fastener system with chinstrap made of flame-resistant aramid fibre

Items supplied

• Clear standard visor (untinted)
• 60% tinted visor (medium)
• 80% tinted visor (dark)
• Tear-offs
• Helmet bag


  • From 1,350 grams

Test method


Test standard

  • Certified in accordance with the applicable FIA Standard – makes the most stringent demands with respect to the protective effect of the helmet
  • Helmet: FIA Standard 8860-2010 / Snell SA/2010
  • H.A.N.S.-System: FIA Standard 8858-2010

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The passion of motor sport

The passion of motor sport

Every helmet is unique.

Featured drivers

Featured drivers

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The Scuderia Ferrari and MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS rely on Schuberth.

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